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Recognizing  the  need  of  trained human resource in  the  field  of  Biotechnology, Life Sciences , Chemistry , Pharmacy, Forensic Science, Food Technology and applied sciences . Allele Life Sciences is conducting several skill development programs to make youth employable.We have trained thousand of scholars of Indian and Foreign Institutions from different streams of Life Science & Chemsitry.

The participants in our training program had an opportunity to learn industrial techniques and research .


Advance Training in Genetics Research

The  overall  goal  of  the  Molecular  Genetics Analysis and Research Training Program in molecular biotechnology can lead to a multitude of careers in botany, genetics, medicine and
biotechnology.      || DOWNLOAD BROCHURE ||

Training For Food-Beverage Industry

The overall goal of the Food - Beverage Training Program is to provide the trainee with the skills they will need to provide appropriate food testing and management for a wide variety of food and beverage products..   || DOWNLOAD BROCHURE ||


Training For Pharmaceutical Industry

Training For  Pharmaceutical Industry  is designed to cater skilled professionals for  pharma industries..We offer in-depth practical hands on training to make you  employable for one of the fast growing Industry.    || DOWNLOAD BROCHURE ||

Training in Forensic Science and Law

As a Forensic scientist you would be involved in the research and analysis of forensic samples; DNA, Toxicology, Fire, Arsons, Adultration etc. We offer hands on training to ensure the saftey and quality of the product.   || DOWNLOAD BROCHURE ||

Training For Cosmetic / Perfume Industry

Training in Cosmetic / Perfume Science , a program that focuses on the analysis of the cosmetic / perfume samples to strengthen cosmetic / fragrance industry.
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Well Equipped State of art  Research Facility
Dedicated scientific staff and Advisory
Yearly review of modules in training programs
 Read and analyze the Modules Carefully
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"I was one of the participants at the training program of Allele Life Sciences. Training helped me bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge of molecular techniques and how I can apply these techniques in my research .The hands on training on pcr, real time pcr, microarray technology was helpful to publish my research . "
Amlan Chakrovorty, Research Scholar
" Allele Life Sciences biotechnology training is a rigrous hands on learning  The training was intensive and I learnt a lot, and acquire practical skills on HPLC, GC and other analytical techniques that I had been hearing about, I will recommend the training to students or scholars of biotechnology and other applied sciences "
Harsh Sharma