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what we do

Allele Life Sciences provide one roof solution for doctoral research, master or bachelor dissertation. You may opt our comprehensive package of research services; Writing of Research Proposal, Experimental Design, Lab Space For Research, Thesis Writing Services for your course and PhD paper.

Our professionals who provide better consultation with expert guidance and advice to achieve success all during the research, experiments and improve the thesis writing with our appreciative services.

  • Well equipped research lab in NCR Region
  • Experienced Team of Biologist, Chemist and data analyst
  • Content Writing and proof reading expert
  • Scientific research advisory
  • Quick turnaround, and reliable data

Contract Laboratory Services

 Synopsis, Thesis and Research paper preparation

Internal Guide from our scientific research advisory

Technical Review of your research


Our Services

Our laboratories offer comprehensive services to address the critical elements of research & development, product development,and quality control.

Genomics Services

Access the full range of genomics services ;  sequencing, pCR Analysis, Cloning, Mutagenesis, Genotyping and metagenomics services..

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Proteomics Services

We at allele life science provide protein extraction, purification, protein analysis , aAA and Protein electrophoresis services ..

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Bioanalysis Services

Our bioanalytical services include; Genotoxicity Assay, Toxicity assay, antioxidant assay and enzyme assay...

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Analytical Services

We provide HPLC, Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Analytical, bioanalytical, method development services..

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Research Proof Reading

We have considerable experience team of professionals in assisting research scholars who have written a Thesis.

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Synopsis, Thesis Writing, Data Analysis

You may Choose our package of research services to get thesis writing services for your course and PhD paper

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Product For Your  research

We are the supplier of molecular biology grade reagents and chemicals for life science research.

Our Product 

Allele Life Sciences Is Conducting Several Skill Development Programs To Make Youth Employable In Different Industry And Research