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RNAse Free Reagents


RNAse Free Reagents

We are the supplier of chemical and reagents for RNA Analysis. Purified RNA has the highest quality and integrity and is suitable for use in most sensitive downstream applications.

» Superior Co-precipitating Reagent
» Nuclease Free Reagents
» In House Quality Testing
» Optimal Performance
» Reproducible Results

Allele Life Sciences supply all the arrays with QA / QC analysis report to ensure accurate results and all  products are tested in our in house state of art laboratory .

   Name  of ProductPackingCat.No.CatalogueQuote 
1  ALS Pure  RNAse Free 1 M Tris HCl, pH 7.4100 mlAL- REP- RFR -01image image
2.  ALS Pure RNAse Free 1 M Tris HCl, pH 8.0100 mlAL- REP-RFR -02imageimage
3.  ALS Pure RNase free EDTA Solution (0.5 M, pH 7.0)100 mlAL- REP-RFR- 03imageimage
4.  ALS Pure MOPS-EDTA-Sodium Acetate Buffer100 mlAL- REP-RFR- 04imageimage
5.  ALS Pure Potassium Acetate, 1 M pH 7.5 ( RNAse Free )100 mlAL- REP-RFR- 05imageimage
6.  ALS Pure Sodium Acetate, 1M, pH 4.5 ( RNAse Free )100 mlAL- REP-RFR- 06imageimage
7.  ALS Pure Sodium Chloride 5 M ( RNAse Free )100 mlAL- REP-RFR- 07imageimage
8.  ALS Pure SSC (20x) Buffer ( RNAse Free )1 mlAL- REP-RFR- 08imageimage
9.  ALS Pure SPE (20x) Buffer ( RNAse Free )100 mlAL- REP-RFR- 09imageimage

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