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Purified Agarose

Purified Agarose Powder

Agarose powder is a natural linear polysaccharide that forms a gel when it is mixed with water. The low melting temperature of agar makes it ideal for these applications because of the inability of cells to deteriorate it. Agarose gel and powder is commonly found in microbiology, biochemistry, genetics and forensics laboratories.

» Ultra Pure High Quality
» DNAse/ RNAse - Free for all Nucleic Acid separations
» Enhanced resolution and clarity,Reduced background
» Increased electrophoretic mobility
» Excellent Results

Allele Life Sciences supply all type of Agarose with electrophoresis analysis report to ensure accurate results . All QA / QC  testing is performed in our research and analysis lab facility.


   Name  of ProductPackingCat.No.CatalogueQuote 
1  ALS Pure Agarose for Regular Electrophoresis100 gmAL-DEP-DAG-01 
2.  ALS Pure Agarose for Regular Electrophoresis500 gmAL-DEP-DAG-02agarose-powder
3.  ALS Pure Ultra Pure Low EEO Agarose100 gmAL-DEP-DAG-03agarose
4.  ALS Pure Ultra Pure Low EEO Agarose500 gmAL-DEP-DAG-04
5.  ALS Pure Ultra Pure Medium EEO Agarose100 gmAL-DEP-DAG-05
6.  ALS Pure Ultra Pure Medium EEO Agarose250 gmAL-DEP-DAG-05
7.  ALS Pure Ultra Pure High EEO Agarose100 gmAL-DEP-DAG-06
8  ALS Pure Ultra Pure High EEO Agarose250 gmAL-DEP-DAG-6A

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