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We are the supplier of customized and catalogue antibodies  for various life science applications.. Essential reagents include a comprehensive array of core products for everyday work. This includes Polyclonal Antibodies, Secondary Antibodies, Monoclonal Antibodies,Tag /Control Antibodies, Small Molecules Antibodies, ChIP-grade antibodies, Antibody Pairs Recombinant Antibodies, Custom Antibodies and other reagents.

Supplied  antibodies are all prepared with recombinant protein or native protein, compared with peptide antibody, the affinity and specificity is superior, there're more recognition of antigenic sites, and have much wide range of applications. Antibodies purified by affinity chromatography possess high purity. As to quality control,

We have in house quality control facility to prove their sensitivity and discriminating on natural proteins by rigorous ELISA test, verify its specificity by West blot test,

» Ultra Pure High Quality Antibodies
» Excellent for various sensitive experiments
» Wide Range of Products
» Storage: -20ºC for extended periods
» Excellent Results

Product We Offer :

» Polyclonal Antibodies
» Secondary Antibodies
» Monoclonal Antibodies
» Tag/Control Antibodies
» Recombinant Antibodies
» Custom Antibodies

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