Bioassay Analysis Services

We offer a wide range of services for evaluation and monitoring of chemicals, contaminants, industrial effluents and environmental effects on Humans, Plants and Animals.


Toxicity Analysis Services :

Bioassay Division has consistently emphasized quality and diversity in its water, industrial, plants and animal toxicity testing services . We analyze heavy metals, microbial, chemical and other biological and chemical assay for toxicity analysis.

» Eco Toxicity Analysis
» Aquatic Toxicity Analysis
» Industrial Effluent Toxicity Analysis
» Animal Toxicity Analysis
» Plants Toxicity Analysis

Bio-Chemical Assay Services:

We offer a variety of biochemical assay for your research ; Enzymatic Assay,  Amino Acid Assay, Lipid Peroxidation Assay, Oxidase / Peroxidase Assay etc.

Antioxidant Assay Services:

We offer a variety of antioxidant assay which measure the capacity of a sample to scavenge free radicals and other reactive oxygen species (ROS)

» Assays to measure the activity of specific antioxidants: catalase, superoxide and glutathione
» Total Antioxidant Assay
» FRAP & ORAC Assay
» Cellular Antioxidants Assay

Genotoxicity Assay Services:

Genotoxic substances induce damage in cells through interaction with the genetic material, including DNA sequence and structure.

» Gene Mutation Assay
» Genetic Toxicology Analysis
» Genotoxicity Analysis by Biomarkers
» Isozyme Analysis
» ELISA Protein Assay

Important Information :  

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