Allele Life Sciences are committed to developing new and exciting resources for the biotechnology education. We are dedicated to demystifying biotechnology for students. They simply provide you with instant access to high throughput PCR automation, offering cost-effective solution and satisfactory results..

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Allele Life Sciences supply all the arrays with QA / QC analysis report to ensure accurate results . All the products are tested in our in house state of art laboratory .

Product Packing Cat.No. Datasheet Quote
ALS-Quik Plant DNA Extraction Education Kit 50 Prep AL-DEP-DK-01 Download
AALS-Quik Blood DNA Extraction Education Kit 50 Prep AL-DEP-DK-02 Download
ALS-Quik Bacterial DNA Extraction Education Kit 50 Prep AL-DEP-DK-03 Download
ALS-Quik RNA Extraction Education Kit 50 Prep AL-DEP-DK-04 Download
ALS-Quik DNA/RNA Electrophoresis Kit 50 Prep AL-DEP-DK-05 Download


Product Packing Cat.No. Datasheet Quote
ALS-Quik PCR Ammplification  Kit 20 Prep AL-DEP-PT-01 Download
ALS-Quik DNA Fingerprinting  Kit 20 Prep AL-DEP-PT-02 Download
ALS-Quik PCR Multiplexing  Kit 20 Prep AL-DEP-PT-03 Download
ALS-Quik 16s rDNA PCR Kit 20 Prep AL-DEP-PT-04 Download
ALS-Quik Reverse Transcription PCR Kit 20 Prep AL-DEP-PT-05 Download


Product Packing Cat.No. Datasheet Quote
ALS-Quik Protein Quantificaton Education Kit 20 Prep AL-DEP-PK-01 Download
ALS-Quik SDS - PAGE Education  Kit 20 Prep AL-DEP-PK-02 Download
ALS-Quik Western Blot Education  Kit 20 Prep AL-DEP-PK-03 Download
ALS-Quik Protein Fingerprinting Education Kit 20 Prep AL-DEP-PK-04 Download
ALS-Quik Ion Exchange Chromatography  Kit 10 Prep AL-DEP-PK-05 Download


Product Packing Cat.No. Datasheet Quote
DNA Analysis Electrophoresis Units 1 Unit AL-DEP-EE-01 Download
Protein Analysis Electrophoresis Unit 1 Unit AL-DEP-EE-02 Download
Digital Power Supply For Electrophoresis 1 unit AL-DEP-EE-03 Download
Gel Documentation System ( Education Model ) 1 Unit AL-DEP-EE-04 Download
PCR Cabinet For Sample Preparation 1 Unit AL-DEP-EE-05 Download

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