Cloning & Mutagenesis Services

Cloning can sometimes be tedious and time-consuming depending on your project needs. Our molecular biology experts can handle a wide range of cloning and expression services. Our cDNA Cloning Service provides access to a range of innovative cloning technologies, and extensive expertise in cloning challenging targets. We will design, synthesize, and purify all the necessary oligonucleotides for completing any gene synthesis project. We will do all the PCR, ligation, cloning and sequencing required completing any gene synthesis project.


PCR Cloning We provide Amplification of specific DNA fragments by PCR and cloning into a standard vector or into a vector of your choice

Our sub cloning service is highly flexible to any specific project requirements. We can amplify your gene using our PCR amplification service before this service.

TA cloning :  We will Clone of your PCR products into a TA cloning vector . Even we clone any size of PCR product and your choice of polymerase is unrestricted

Cloning of synthetic genes : We will clone synthetic gene or DNA Fragment into a standard vector or a vector of your choice.

Cloning of full length cDNA : We will synthesize first strand and second strand cDNA by RT-PCR and cloning into a vector of your choice

Determination of Expression by:

 » Colony PCR
» Sequencing
» Western Blot

Mutagenesis Services :

We specialize in detecting mutations such as point mutations, SNPs, insertions, deletions, and rearrangements,. We can perform rapid mutation analysis for our clients from crude PCR reactions and sequencing services as well.

Important Information :  Kindly download the information brochure to know cost of services, terms and conditions, confidentiality agreement etc.


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