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DNA Analysis Reagents

DNA Extraction  Kit

We are the supplier of  innovative products for the isolation and analysis of high-quality DNA Extraction reagents and kits ...

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DNA Extraction Reagents

Our reagents' enhanced sensitivity facilitates optimal performance to extract and purify DNA ensuring rapid, accurate results.

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Gel Loading Dye and Stains

We have affordable chemical dyes for use in loading dyes in gel electrophoresis. Loading dye is mixed with DNA samples...

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DNA Ladder / Marker

DNA size markers contain a mixture of DNA fragments of known length, making them suitable for use as molecular weight standards..

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DNA Buffer and Reagents

Molecular biology buffer used for protection of DNA and RNA from degradation.Allele Life Sciences develops and supply...

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Purified Agaroses

Agarose powder is a natural linear polysaccharide that forms a gel when it is mixed with water. The low melting temperature..

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