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DNA Ladder / Marker


DNA Buffer and Reagents

DNA size markers contain a mixture of DNA fragments of known length, making them suitable for use as molecular weight standards for electrophoresis. The enhanced intensity of the 500 bp fragment was designed to ensure quick and easy determination of electrophoresis results.

» Ultra Pure High Quality
» Quick and easy determination of electrophoresis results
» Enhanced intensity of the 500 bp fragment
» Recommended load of 0.5 μg (5 μl)
» Excellent Results

Allele Life Sciences supply all the arrays with QA / QC analysis report to ensure accurate results and all  products are tested in our in house state of art laboratory .


   Name  of ProductRangePackingCat.No.CatalogueQuote 
1  ALS Pure Mini DNA Ladder100 - 500 bp100 RxnAL-DEP-DLM-01image image
2.  ALS Pure Low DNA Ladder100 - 1000 bp100 RxnAL-DEP-DLM-02imageimage
3.  ALS Pure PCR Ladder100 - 3000 bp100 RxnAL-DEP-DLM-03imageimage
4.  ALS Pure High Range DNA Ladder200 - 12000 bp100 RxnAL-DEP-DLM-04imageimage
5.  ALS Pure Low Range  DNA Ladder100 - 1000 bp100 RxnAL-DEP-DLM-05imageimage
6.  ALS Pure 1kb DNA Ladder100 - 1500 bp100 RxnAL-DEP-DLM-05imageimage

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