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DNA Polymerases Reagents

DNA Polymerase Reagent

DNA Polymerase is a thermostable enzyme which is purified to reduce levels of contaminating DNA, making it well suited for PCR and sensitive experiments using dna templates or random primers. The high purity of DNA Polymerase makes it ideal in detecting and identifying expressed DNA, and is a more accurate method for molecular biology techniques while preventing the amplification of undesired DNA sequences. Ultra-Pure Taq DNA Polymerase is suitable for work in genomics due to the reduced probability of contamination leading to non-specific amplification or artifacts during PCR.

» Ultra Pure High Quality DNA Polymerase
» Excellent for PCR and other sensitive experiments
» Minimized levels of DNA contamination
» Storage: -20ºC for extended periods
» Excellent Results

Allele Life Sciences supply all the arrays with QA / QC analysis report to ensure accurate results and all  products are tested in our in house state of art laboratory .

  Name  of Product Packing Cat.No. Catalogue Quote 
1   ALS- Pure Taq DNA Polymerase (routine pcr ) 500 U AL- PRP- TPR-01  
2.   ALS- Pure Taq DNA Polymerase (routine pcr ) 1000 U AL- PRP- TPR-1A
3.   ALS- Pure  Hot Start Taq Polymerase 500 U AL- PRP- TPR-02
4.   ALS- Pure  Hot Start Taq Polymerase 1000 U AL- PRP- TPR-2A
5.   ALS- Pure High Fidelity Taq Polymerase 500 U AL- PRP- TPR-03
6.   ALS- Pure dNTP Mix 25 (25 mM each dNTP) 250 ul AL- PRP- TPR-04
7.   ALS- Pure MgCl2 Solution 1 ml AL- PRP- TPR-05
    ALS- Pure DMSO Solution 5 ml AL- PRP- TPR-06
    ALS- Pure Bovine Serum Albumin 1 ml AL- PRP- TPR-07

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