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Reagents For Biotech Education


Reagents For Biotech Education

Allele Life Sciences are committed to developing new and exciting resources for the biotechnology education. We are dedicated to demystifying biotechnology for students. They simply provide you with instant access to high throughput PCR automation, offering cost-effective solution and satisfactory results..

» Superior Co-precipitating Reagent
» Technical Support
» Easy to use
» Quick Protocol
» Reproducible Results

Allele Life Sciences supply all the arrays with QA / QC analysis report to ensure accurate results and all  products are tested in our in house state of art laboratory .


   Name  of ProductPackingCat.No.CatalogueQuote 
1  Phenol - Tris Saturated 100 mlAL-BEP-ERP-01 image 
2.  Phenol - Water Saturated 100 mlAL-BEP-ERP-02image
3.  Phenol : Chloroform : Iso Amyl Alcohol ( 25:24:1 )100 mlAL-BEP-ERP-03image
4. 10 X TAE Buffer100 mlAL-BEP-ERP-04image
5.  10 X TBE Buffer100 mlAL-BEP-ERP-05image
6.  10 X MOPS Buffer100 mlAL-BEP-ERP-06image
7..  6X Gel Loading Dye100 mlAL-BEP-ERP-07image
8.  DNAse I100 mlAL-BEP-ERP-08image
9.  Rnase I100 mlAL-BEP-ERP-09image
10.  Proteinase K100 mlAL-BEP-ERP-10image
11.  Nuclease Free Water100 mlAL-BEP-ERP-11image
12.  DEPC Treated Water100 mlAL-BEP-ERP-12image
13.  Tri Reagent For RNA Extarction100 mlAL-BEP-ERP-13image
14.  Spin Column100 mlAL-BEP-ERP-14image
15.  Ethidium Bromide Solution100 mlAL-BEP-ERP-15image
16.  Agarose Powder Low EEO100 mlAL-BEP-ERP-16image


   Name  of ProductRangePackingCat.No.CatalogueQuote 
1  ALS Pure Mini DNA Ladder100 - 500 bp100 RxnAL-DEP-DLM-01image
2.  ALS Pure Low DNA Ladder100 - 1000 bp100 RxnAL-DEP-DLM-02image
3.  ALS Pure PCR Ladder100 - 3000 bp100 RxnAL-DEP-DLM-03image
4.  ALS Pure High Range DNA Ladder200 - 12000 bp100 RxnAL-DEP-DLM-04image
5.  ALS Pure Low Range  DNA Ladder100 - 1000 bp100 RxnAL-DEP-DLM-05image
6.  ALS Pure 1kb DNA Ladder100 - 1500 bp100 RxnAL-DEP-DLM-05image


   Name  of ProductPackingCat.No.CatalogueQuote 
1  ALS- Pure Taq DNA Polymerase (routine pcr )500 UAL- PRP- TPR-01image 
2.  ALS- Pure Taq DNA Polymerase (routine pcr )1000 UAL- PRP- TPR-1Aimage
3.  ALS- Pure  Hot Start Taq Polymerase500 UAL- PRP- TPR-02image
4.  ALS- Pure  Hot Start Taq Polymerase1000 UAL- PRP- TPR-2Aimage
5.  ALS- Pure High Fidelity Taq Polymerase500 UAL- PRP- TPR-03image
6.  ALS- Pure dNTP Mix 25 (25 mM each dNTP)250 ulAL- PRP- TPR-04image
7..  ALS- Pure MgCl2 Solution1 mlAL- PRP- TPR-05image
8  ALS- Pure DMSO Solution5 mlAL- PRP- TPR-06image
9  ALS- Pure Bovine Serum Albumin1 mlAL- PRP- TPR-07image


Note : Education kits are limited to lab demonstration purpose only.Do not use it in your research work.

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