Genotyping & DNA Barcoding Analysis

Our services include SSR , RAPD, SNP, and RFLP , Barcoding based methods to fingerprint (genotype) individuals. The genotypic information is used for plants , bacterial , animal identification, paternity analysis, and forensic analysis. The genotype information is also useful for tracing specific species to finished products, pedigree analysis, selection and breeding programs, animal registration and protection of proprietary property.


Analysis by RAPD Molecular Marker

APD analysis is a technique for rapidly detecting genomic polymorphisms. A single short oligonucleotide primer of arbitrary sequence is used under low stringency conditions in PCR to generate a reproducible array .We analyze the samples through 20 mer non fluorescent / fluorescent markers .

Analysis by RFLP molecular markers

RFLP is a difference in homologous DNA sequences that can be detected by the presence of fragments of different lengths after digestion of the DNA samples in question with specific restriction endonucleases. RFLP, as a molecular marker, is specific to a single clone/restriction enzyme combination.

Analysis by SSR / ISSR Molecular Markers

is a fast, inexpensive genotyping technique based on variation in the regions between microsatellites. This method has a wide range of uses, including the characterization of genetic relatedness among populations, genetic fingerprinting, gene tagging, detection of clonal variation etc.

DNA Barcoding of different samples

DNA barcoding
is a technique for characterizing species of organisms using a short DNA sequence from a standard and agreed-upon position in the genome. DNA barcode sequences are very short relative to the entire genome and they can be obtained reasonably quickly and cheaply

Fish DNA Barcoding:
Identification of fish / seafood species through COI region based molecular identity . We provide ~500 bp sequence data, Phylogenetic Tree and 10 nearest neighbor information .
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