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HPLC Analysis Services


HPLC analysis Services :

HPLC is used in separating the components of a compound or mixture. It is a technique used to separate different constituents of a compound using high pressure to push solvents through the column. We offer HPLC services to separate, characterize, identify, and quantitate semi- and nonvolatile materials in various sample matrices. Our state-of-the-art HPLC capabilities allow for detection of analytes to trace levels.

We have the capability of running normal and reverse phase isocratic or gradient methods utilizing multi-wavelength UV/Vis spectrophotometric or diode array detection (DAD) and Fluorescence Detection (FLD)

Our experienced scientists are committed to deliver reliable and standard data for HPLC services.
- Actives Quantification
- Additives Analysis
- Taste and Odor Analysis
- Antioxidant Analysis
- Impurity Analysis
- Analytical Method Development
- Bio-analytical Method Development

Services We Offer :

We follow Accuracy, Repeatability/Reproducibility, Precision, Specificity/Selectivity, Limit of Detection (LOD) , Limit of Quantitation (LOQ), Linearity, Range, Robustness, System Suitability, Sample Stability for method development.

Analysis of Bio-Molecules By PDA/FLD :
Fluorescence detectors are highly sensitive detectors best suited for cases where the compounds either are inherently fluorescent, or have been modified to be so.
Analysis of Proteins | Peptide | Antibodies etc.

Analysis of Industrial Chemicals :
Analysis of organic compounds, Dyes and dye intermediates, Fatty acids, Surfactants, Isomers, Drugs and drug intermediates, Allergenic disperse dyes, Formaldehyde in auxiliaries etc.

Impurity and Ingredients Analysis :
Our DE formulation reports can reveal a product’s complete ingredients. Our testing services can identify potential impurities, determine CAS numbers, quantify the amounts of each raw ingredient within a product, and develop a formula cost analysis.

OUR HPLC SERVICE ADVANTAGE : We undertake the whole project for hplc analysis services .
»  HPLC with UV-Vis, PDA, FLD & ECD Detector
»  Preparative HPLC with PDA
»  lon Exchange & Affinity Chromatography System
»  Normal Phase Chromatography
»  Reverse Phase Chromatography
»  Ion Exchange Chromatography
»  Size Exclusion Chromatography
»  Chiral Chromatography

Technologies & Facilities :

Analysis by HPLC - PDA, FLD Detectors, TLC, HPTLC, ,Biorad LPLC, Ion Exchange Chromatography, Thermo Preparative HPLC,  UV-Visible spectrophotometer, Ion Meters, RI Detector, Flash Point Apparatus, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Vacuum Rotatory Apparatus, Fume Hood , Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen Gas Supply, Vacuum Manifold, Precision Analytical Balance ( Metler ), pH Meters ( Thermo Orion ), SPME Column, Various Types of HPLC Columns  etc.

Our testing protocols include various national and international methods like BIS, ISO, and AOAC etc are used for testing these products.

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