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Invitro Cell Analysis

Cell Based Assay Services

Cell-based assays are a vital early step in the testing of your compounds and drug candidates for activity.Tests under in vitro conditions are carried out in cell culture. These tests allow the study of biological functions and phenomena: each type of test corresponds to a function or mechanism. This applies in particular to cell migration, viability or immune response. Existing tests are adapted according to projects.Outsourcing cell assays is an affordable and proven method for life science and pharmaceutical research.

Our Services :

Cell Culture - Revival of cells, Sub-culturing of cells, Cell counting, Cell seeding
Cell Viability and Cell Morphology
Cell Proliferation Assays
Cytotoxicity Assay
Cell Death Assays- Apoptosis Quantification
RT-PCR Analysis
Gene Expression Studies


- MTT assay, Neutral red assay
- Cytoprotective studies
- Bio-compatibility studies
- DNA Study : - Bcl2, Bax gene expression studies



❖ Small Molecules
❖ Botanical Extracts
❖ Proteins & Peptides
❖ RNA Based
❖ Probiotics


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