Lab Setup Services

Allele Life Sciences a team works together for you to shape your dreams into creating a world class lab. We offer complete lab setup services down to the location of specific tools, materials, and equipment. We will work with you to ensure that your lab is ready to use as soon as the relocation is completed . We can help coordinate the procurement, delivery, and installation of a fully Operational laboratory.

Lab Designing or Renovation : Our team of professionals work with your contractors and instrument manufacturers to design a laboratory with optimal workflow and maximum efficiency.

» Custom Design
» Health & Lab Safety
» Regulatory Compliance
» Ventilation and Containment
» Equipment and Furniture
» Relocation & Remodeling
» Integrated Solutions

Procurement and Installation  :
We can help coordinate the procurement, delivery, and installation of a fully Operational laboratory. We will work closely with you to determine what equipment, reagent, and supplies your lab needs for research and analysis.

Writing SOP's : We will help you write and implement the policies and procedures that will govern your lab.

 Performance Verification and Calibration Service :
We offer one of the most comprehensive calibration programs in the industry today. With pickup and delivery, and on-site services available for all common laboratory equipment.

Operational Qualification Service :
We can provide Qualification Protocols for most laboratory equipment requiring validation . At the completion of the OQ all of the operational tests are documented, results validated, all relevant certificates completed and signed.

Regulatory Compliance Consultancy:
Allele Life Sciences experienced team of regulatory compliance consultants helps clients benefit from the intelligent use of data through insight;
We offer : Expert advice on regulatory aspects and Assessing compliance with the regulations,

Important Information :  

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