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 Analysis by Mass Spectrometry

Allele Life Sciences is a premier provider of GC-MS analytical services to the Pharmaceutical , Herbal ,Cosmetics , Perfumery , Oil and Biotech industries. We are comprehensively equipped to analyze samples for volatile or semi volatile in a variety of matrices.

Our GC & GC-MS core expertise is in developing and validating robust quantitative methods and then applying those methods to high throughput sample analysis .



Unknown Metabolite Identification

The molecular mass and the elemental composition of the   compounds     in   combination   with  other experimental   information like retention time, mass spectra etc. can be subjected to a variety of algorithms in order to determine the identity of the compound.

Analysis of Additives

GC-MS is a great technique for analysis of trace level impurities such as residual monomers because of its excellent sensitivity and specificity

Food Additives | Polymer | Oil | Lubricants


Impurity and Purity Analysis

Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) combines two powerful techniques to provide the identification of compounds with low detection limits and the potential for quantitative analysis.

Impurity Analysis in wide array of mixtures

Volatile Organic Compound Testing

Allele Life Sciences offers a wide range of laboratory services such VOC analytics etc. .

The VOC screening test is performed using GC-MS together with relevant standards

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" I recommend getting the sample analysis from Allele Life Sciences. I found this organization very usefull. Allele Life Sciences has been the most reliable and accommodating laboratory for fragrance analysis. I have fast turnarounds and reports are excellent.   "
Sanjeev Saini
" We are  thoroughly impressed how efficiently Allele Life Sciences completed quality analysis of our cosmetic products. They were extremely professional and trustworthy throughout the process of trace analysis. And, to top it off, their price was extremely reasonable! "
Sanjay Bhatnagar