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Microbial Analysis

Microbial Analysis

We provide microbiological analysis in India. Our microbial services include the analysis of bacteria, fungi (mold), Yeast,  mycotoxins, endotoxins, allergens,anti microbial efficacy and biofilm testing.Our lab is well equipped for microbiology as well as excels in molecular identification of microorganism.

Our Services :

- Microbial Analysis
- Invitro Microbial Analysis
- Minimum Inhibitory Concentration
- Minimum Bactericidal Concentration
- Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing
- Minimum Doubling Growth Curve
- Antimicrobial Synergy Testing
- Biofilm Analysis

Microbial Genetics Services :

- Bacterial identification using 16S rRNA gene
- Fungal identification using ITS1- ITS2/28S rRNA region
- Algal identification using 23S rRNA
- Difficult DNA Templates Sequencing
- Primer Walking Service
- Target Region Sequencing
- Nextgen Sequencing


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 Competent, Qualified and Experienced analysts
 Fast turn-around time
 Results you can rely on


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