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Cosmetics- Fragrance Business

Cosmetics Business Consultant :

The in-depth knowledge of cosmetic Chemistry, fragrance chemistry, green fragrance development, development of food flavors, regulations, certification process, in house lab research & testing facility,  wide network of organic producers-buyers and integrated operations and expert team will provide you complete solutions for flavor and fragrance business.

 - Cosmetic Products
 - Natural Fragrances
 - Fine Fragrances
 - Massage Oil
-  Flavor Product
 - Quality and Purity Analysis
 - Regulatory & Legal Compliance

Product Development & Improvement :

Exceptional ingredients, outstanding technology, and targeted consumer insight nurture the imagination and emotions of our fragrance creators . The collaborative work of our R&D teams strives to enrich the perfumers’ palettes via breakthrough technologies and advanced research. Their discoveries are then translated into unique, synthetic molecules and natural, raw materials

 - Cosmeceutical Product Development
 - Natural Cosmetic Formulations
 - Fragrance Development
 - Flavor Development
 - Product Improvement
 - Massage Oil Formulations

Quality Analysis & Cosmetovigilance :

Organic Certification is the procedure for verifying that the products conform to certain standards.We provide consulting, training, testing, internal audits, pre assessment audits and facilitation .

 - Cosmetic Microbiology
 - Cosmetic Stability Testing
 - Active Ingredients Verification
 - Alcohol Quantification Analysis
 - Physical Testing
 - Cosmetic Stability Testing
 - Registartion in Cosmetic Act

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