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Organic Food Business

Organic Food Business :

The in-depth knowledge of organic farming,  regulations, certification process, in house lab testing facility,  wide network of organic producers-buyers and integrated operations and expert team will provide you complete solutions for organic farming and production.

Technical Consultancy For Organic Production:

Organic farming require minimum budget and zero use of pesticide, herbicide, chemical fertilizers, chemical micronutrients and insecticide Our well trained professionals for organic farming will assist you to achieve your goals.

 - Seed & Risk Management
 - Soil Management & Health
 - Micronutrient Consultation
 - Weed & Pest Management
 - Organic Agriculture Planning
 - Marketing Consultancy

Organic Food Validation :

Organic food testing are often used to analyze organic foods for their nutrition content ,health hazard traces, GMO and microbes. Regulatory compliance is mandatory for the authenticity of organic product.

 - GMO Testing
 - Microbial Testing
 - Mycotoxin Analysis
 - Pesticide Residue Analysis
 - Hormones, Antibiotics & Veterinary Drugs in Animal Feed
 - Allergen & Heavy Metal Testing

Organic Certification :

Organic Certification is the procedure for verifying that the products conform to certain standards.We provide consulting, training, testing, internal audits, pre assessment audits and facilitation .

 - APEDA Registration
 - Organic Certification
 - Organic Food Farming Certification
 - NPOP conformity assessment

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