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Allele Life Sciences is a technology solution company enriched with experienced technocrates and researchers. In today’s knowledge-based economy, viany business will benefit from understanding competitors’ product innovations and the true value of their patent portfolios.We help research and development and innovation teams to successful ideas.

Our data mining expert and patent analyst will carefully look into the subject matter of your invention and scrutinize to find whether the invention is already available to public domain. Our patent analyst will also provide critical legal opinion on the invention for further precedence. .

»  Experienced Team of Scientist and Attorneys
»  Quick turnaround time
»  Excellent Results



Patent Search Services :
Allele Life Sciences is a company of technocrats and attorneys. Our team has extensive experience and expertise in conducting patent searches.

Prior Art Search || Infringement Search || Validation-Invalidation Search || Patentability Opinion

Patent Analytics Services:
Our team offers patent analytics services that enable our clients to take advantage of our unique combination of research experience and scientific expertise .

Patent Landscape Studies || F.T.O Analysis || Portfolio Analysis || Competitive Intelligence

Patent Specification Drafting :
We provide patent specification drafting services to Attorneys, Law Firms, Corporates and Researchers.

Provisional Specification Drafting || Non Provisional or Complete Specification Drafting || Claim Drafting ||

Technology and Innovation Support Cell Setup:
We provide support to set up im house Patent Cell in Industries, Academia and Research Institutions.

Policies and Procedures || Technology Management Planning || Record Keeping || Patent Analytics

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