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Plant / Agriculture Analysis

Plant Biotech Services

Plant biotechnology is a set of techniques used to adapt plants for specific needs or opportunities..Plant researchers can find a services for plant biotechnology research including plant DNA extraction and amplification, chloroplast isolation, plant protein extraction and isolation. Our protocols section provides information regarding growth media preparation, general media formulation and sterilization techniques.

Plant Genetics Services:

- Genetic Diversity Analysis - RAPD, SSR, ISSR
- Sequencing based analysis - SCAR
Marker Analysis
- RFLP Analysis
Sequencing Analysis
Cloning & Expression
- Real Time PCR based Analysis

Plant Protein Analysis :

- Protein Extarction & Purification
- Protein Analysis
- Protein Characterisation
- Amino Acid Analysis

Analytical Services :

- Analysis by HPLC - UV-Vis & FLD
- Gas Chromatography Analysis
- Mass Spectrometry Analysis
- Analysis by ELISA

 Analysis of amino acids is performed with HPLC UV & Fluorescence detector, Biorad FPLC / HPLC System by using classical ion-exchange liquid chromatography with post-column Ninhydrin derivatisation and photometric detection.

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