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DNA Analysis Product

We are the supplier of  innovative products ; DNA Extraction, Kits, Electrophoresis, Stains, Molecular Marker, buffer and agarose..

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RNA Analysis Product

Our reagents' enhanced sensitivity facilitates optimal performance to extract and purify RNA ensuring rapid, accurate results.

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PCR Products

We Supply High Quality Products For Real Time PCR Analysis, Which Include Dyes, Q-PCR Kit, Nuclease Free Water, Plasticware And Reaction Plates..

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Proteomics Research

Allele Life Sciences Is The Manufacturer And Supplier Of Chemical And Reagents For Protein Analysis For Highest Grade Proteomics analysis..

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Biotech Education

We are committed to developing new and exciting resources for the biotech education and dedicated to demystifying biotech for students.

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Chromatography Products

We have a very reliable and reputed source for chromatography; Columns, parts,  vials, septums, syringes and other accessories...

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