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Protein Biology Reagents

Protein Extraction and Lysis Product

Allele Life Sciences is the manufacturer and supplier of chemical and reagents for Protein Analysis for highest grade protein extractions...

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Protein Purification Products

We are the supplier of protein purification media, reagents, columns and filters for protein purification applications..

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Protein Electrophoresis Reagents

Our protein electrophoresis reagents includes loading buffers, ready-to-use dyes, stains, markers and ladders and other reagents..

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Western Blot and ELISA

we are the supplier of reagents, chemicals, kits and membrane for western blot and eLISA analysis.....

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Protein Quantification Reagents

Our protein quantification kits and reagents deliver best results for protein quantification assay and other applications...

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Antibody For Research

We are the supplier of high quality  catalogue antibodies and reagents for antibody production products...

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