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Protein Characterization

Protein Characterization

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is one of the most widely used methods of immunological assay. ELISA can be defined as an assay used immune system and chemicals to detect an analyte with qualitative and quantitative analysis. ELISA is typically performed in 96-well plates and immobilize the reactants make it easy to separate the target analytes from the complex sample mixtures.

Our Services :

- Direct ELISA
- Indirect ELISA
- Sandwich ELISA
- Competitive ELISA
- Analytical size exclusion chromatography
- Analytical ion-exchange chromatography
- Purity analysis by reverse phase HPLC
- Spectrofluorometric characterization
- Analysis of oxidation, degradation and aggregation products

Facility Available for Protein  Characterisation :

• Microplate Reader
• Electrophoresis ( Vertical & Westren Blot )
• GE Amersham - Iso Electric Focusing Unit
• Akta Prime FPLC in temperature controlled environment
• Biorad Profinia For Affinity Purification
• Preparative HPLC
• Agilent HPLC


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