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Protein Extraction Services

Protein Expression & Extraction :

We listen to your requirements, understand your purposes, discuss with you about the possibilities, design and optimise the strategies, and walk you through your research projects.
Your custom protein expression will be optimised by engineering an expression construct with a codon-optimised DNA insert, a strong promoter, an efficient ribosome binding site, a high copy number and combining it with an appropriate host.


  Steps    Process    Details
  Step - 1   IInsilico Designing   Bioinformatics analysis of Gene of Interest
  Step - 2   Codon Optimisation   Selection of Plasmid, Vector and Gene Senthesis
  Step - 3   Cloning & Sub cloning   Sub Cloning into suitable expression vector
  Step - 4   Cell Transformation   Transformation into an appropriate host
  Step - 5   Screening Studies   Screening for the best expressing protein variant
  Step - 6   Protein Production   Expression Evaluation & Optimisation of protein
  Step - 7   Quality Control Analysis   SDS - PAGE Analysis & Q.C Report
  Step - 8   Protein Characterisation   Analysis by ELISA, Western Blot ( Client Specification)

Services We Offer :
- All clones and sub-clones generated
- All-inclusive from cloning to purification
- Sequence data of the final clone
- Guaranteed yield: 3 mg purified protein
- Guaranteed purity: > 75 % protein purity
- Quality assurance certificate

• Sequence Verification by Mass Spectrometry
• Endotoxin Quantification
• Endotoxin Removal

- State-of-the-art lab with sophisticated equipment facility
- Competent, Qualified and Experienced analysts
- Fast turn-around time
- Results you can rely on

Microbiology Lab, Protein Chemistry Lab with Biorad FPLC, Ion Exchange Chromatography, Preparative HPLC, 2-D Electrophoresis, Blotting Apparatus, GC-MS-MS, Triple Quadrupole, Gas Chromatograph ( FID, FPD and NPD Detectors ), Analysis by LC-MS-MS, Analysis by HPLC - PDA, FLD Detectors, TLC, HPTLC, UV-Visible spectrophotometer, ELISA, PCR & Real Time PCR, Sequencing, Ion Meters, RI Detector, Flash Point Apparatus, Culture Facility etc.

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