Real Time PCR & PCR Analysis

Our professional team of molecular biologists, geneticists and specialists in bioinformatics has significant experience in all varieties of real time pcr .applications.  ALS provides Real Time PCR, custom PCR and RT-PCR services for human, animal, and plant tissues.

Our facilities equipped with a broad selection of qPCR instruments from leading manufacturers, including fast cyclers, High Resolution Melt (HRM) cyclers, and high throughput instruments. Applications such as gene expression analysis, genotyping, SNP analysis, mutation analysis, immuno-qPCR , and any more esoteric application of your choice are easily performed with confidence.



microRNA & Noncoding RNA Analysis:
Allele Life Sciences offers quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) products and other tools specifically for miRNA and ncRNA research.

Isolation through discovery, profiling, quantitation, validation, and functional analysis.

Genetic Variation Analysis:
Allele Life Sciences offers real-time PCR products and other tools specifically for genotyping and genetic variation research, from isolating and purifying genomic DNA, selecting probe and primers, DNA amplification, performing allelic discrimination, and analyzing data.

Mutation Detection / G.M.O Analysis:
Real-Time PCR is a powerful tool for GMO quantification, Allele Life Sciences offers a wide array of qPCR services for genetically modified organism. Mutation Analysis in Seeds, Plants etc.

Protein Analysis Using Real-Time PCR:
Protein structure studies possible with a real-time PCR instrument address core topics in biochemistry and have valuable high-throughput applications in the fields of drug discovery and protein engineering.

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