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RNA Electrophoresis Dye


RNA Electrophoresis Reagents

We have affordable chemical and reagents for use in RNA gel electrophoresis. Loading dye, agarose, ready to use buffers are cutomised for analysis of RNA samples Our reagents and dye contains to assess how "fast" your gel is running and a reagent to render your samples denser than the running buffer .

» Ultra Pure High Quality
» DNAse/ RNAse - Free for all Nucleic Acid separations
» Enhanced resolution and clarity,Reduced background
» Easy apply
» Excellent Results

Allele Life Sciences supply all the arrays with QA / QC analysis report to ensure accurate results and all  products are tested in our in house state of art laboratory .

   Name  of ProductPackingCat.No.CatalogueQuote 
1  ALS Pure 10 X MOPS Buffer1 mlAL-REP-EPR-01image image
2.  ALS Pure  10 X MOPS Buffer1 mlAL-REP-EPR-02imageimage
3.  ALS Pure  RNA Sample Loading Buffer (No Et Br)1 mlAL-REP-EPR-03imageimage
4.  ALS Pure  RNA Sample Loading Buffer (6X)1 mlAL-REP-EPR-04imageimage
5.  ALS Pure  Formaldehyde Solution1 mlAL-REP-EPR-05imageimage
6.  ALS Pure  20% SDS solution1 mlAL-REP-EPR-05imageimage
7.  ALS Pure 10% SDS solution1 mlAL-REP-EPR-06imageimage
8.  ALS Pure RNA Gel Loading Dye (2X)1 mlAL-REP-EPR-6Aimageimage

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