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Biotechnology Research

Contract Laboratory Services :

We offer a one-stop solution for doctoral research in genetics, human genetics, environmental science, marine biotechnology, and other related fields. You can choose our all-inclusive bundle of research services for your coursework and research projects, which includes composing research proposals, experimental designs, lab space for research, writing theses, data analysis, and research papers.

We Offer For the Subjects:

- Biotechnology
- Genetics
- Protein Sciences
- Animal Science
- Marine Biotechnology
- Plant Biotechnology
- Environmental Biotechnology
- Epigenetics / Cancer Biology
- Medical Biotechnology

Services We Offer :
Our professionals who provide better consultation with expert guidance and advice to achieve success all during the research, experiments and improve the thesis writing with our appreciative services..

-  Writing of Research Plan / Synopsis
-  Lab / Research Work
-  Research Data Analysis
-  Writing of Research Paper
-  Writing of Research Thesis

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COST OF ANALYSIS : Cost of analysis is very dependant upon reagents, chemicals and consumables used in analysis.Kindly share the tecnical details /Synopsis in request form for estimation of cost.


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