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Biochemical Assay

Biochemical assay Services :

Biochemical assays are analytical procedures that allow the detection and quantification of cellular processes. They are a type of common procedure that helps in the characterization of the target while understanding its function.


- Cell based Assay
- PCR based Assay
- Assay by Chromatography
- Colorimetric assay
- Fluorometric assays
- Gel-based assays
- Assay with ELISA

CELL BASED ASSAY:  Cell based assays can be grouped into categories such as cell proliferation assays, cell death assays, reporter gene assays, and cell signaling assays. AVAILABLE CELL BASED ASSAYS

METABOLISM ASSAY: It enables a wide range of experimental observations including Enzymes, Oxidative stress, Liver biomarkers, Kidney biomarkers, Amino acids & proteins, Glycolysis & Carbohydrates, Inorganic ions, Lipids metabolism, Plant stress resistance, Tricarboxylic Acid(TCA)Cycle, etc

COMET ASSAY: Comet assay, is a rapid, sensitive, and relatively simple method for detecting DNA damage in individual eukaryote cells.It can score many different types of cell; regardless of species, cell size and level of DNA damage.

MICRONUCLEUS ASSAY: Micronucleus assays is one of the preferred methods for assessing chromosome damage and toxicological screening for potential genotoxic compounds.


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