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Cloning & Mutation Analysis

Cloning & Mutation Analysis

Cloning can sometimes be tedious and time-consuming depending on your project needs. Our molecular biology experts can handle a wide range of cloning and expression services. Custom Cloning services are customized to meet specific needs. Your gene of interest can be obtained by PCR, RT-PCR or restriction digestion and cloned into any vector of your choice. The PCR product will be cloned directly into a T/A cloning vector or digested with restriction enzymes and sub cloned into the plasmid vector of your choice All PCR products will be sequenced ( both DNA strands) to ensure sequence integrity.

Mutagenesis technology is the most popular method used to modify or optimize genes, which is also a powerful tool to study gene sequences and analyse the relationship between protein structures and functions

Our Services :

Our experienced scientists are committed to deliver best cloning and expression projects.
• High Quality cDNA Synthesis; First strand cDNA : 0.1 micrograms of RNA. || Second strand cDNA
• Site Directed Mutagenesis
• Screened DNA Sequences For Mutations
• Plasmid Preparation

• RACE Cloning Service
• PCR Cloning & Sub Cloning
• Cloning of synthetic gene

We undertake the whole project for cloning services . We follow the standard protocols for different arrays for analysis :

• Reliable verification of clones by sequencing
• High throughput and multiple fragment cloning
• In-house construction and Plasmid purification
• Template DNA or RNA, or their description
• Sequence and description of the DNA to be cloned.
• Vector description
• Primer design for PCR or RT-PCR
• Cloning into the vector of your choice.
• Sequencing of target DNA in both directions.


We provide high quality cloning service at very competitive price. All clones are sequenced verified and guaranteed error-free.


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