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Enzyme Production & Purification

Enzyme Production & Purification :

A broad spectrum of industrial sectors in which enzyme manufacturing is used has increased interest in it. In accordance with the requirements of your particular project, our experienced scientific professionals offer services for enzyme manufacturing and optimisation, specialised recombinant enzyme expression, and purification.

- Microbial Analysis - Total Plate Counts, Yeast & Molds, Coliforms, Antibiotic Activity
- Identification of microbial strain with 16s, 18s or 23s rDNA Analysis
- In-silico Enzyme kinetics - Vmax, Kd, KM, kcat, k1, and k-1
- Screening of Substrates, Inhibitors, and Other Ligands
- Enzyme Production and Optimisation
- Enzyme Expression :Gene identification, synthesis and cloning
- Identification and optimization of enzyme expression conditions

- Enzyme Purification
- Endotoxin removal

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