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Genotoxicity Analysis Services

Genotoxicity analysis Services :

Toxicity and Genetics Genotoxicity describes the property of chemical agents that damages the genetic information within a cell causing mutations and dna methylation, which may lead to cancer. It is very pathetic that population in rural or urban areas are not aware of the genetic changes due to intake of toxic substances . Several of families are suffering from cancer and other genetic diseases.

» Chemical Carcinogenesis
» Mechanisms of chemical carcinogenesis and genetic toxicity
» Gene-environment interactions in carcinogenesis
»  Epigenetic Analysis
» Genetic Toxicology and Ecotoxicology

Services We Offer :

COMET Assay:
DNA strand breakage assay also known as single cell gel electrophoresis assay is a sensitive and rapid test for quantifying and analysing DNA damage in individual cells.

DNA Metylation Analysis :
Methylation-specific PCR is one of the most commonly used methods for gene/sequence-specific detection of DNA methylation. The DNA undergoes bisulfite conversion of cytosine to uracil and then the methylated sequences are selectively amplified with primers specific for methylation
Metylation Analysis by Gene Specific PCR
» Methylation Analysis by Real Time PCR
» Sequence Analysis

Genetic Mutation Analysis :
Characterizing mutations is an important technique in the molecular biologogy techniques. Our Mutation Analysis service helps researchers for  mutation detection in coding exons, enabling researchers to quickly analyze and identify mutations that may affect the function of their gene of interest.
Mutation Detection by PCR
» Mutation Analysis by Real Time PCR
» Sequence Analysis


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Our testing protocols include various national and international methods like BIS, ISO, and AOAC etc are used for testing these products.

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