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Genotyping Barcoding Services

Genotyping - Barcoding Analysis Services

Our services include SSR , RAPD, SNP, and RFLP , Barcoding based methods to fingerprint (genotype) individuals. The genotypic information is used for plants , bacterial , animal identification, paternity analysis, and forensic analysis. The genotype information is also useful for tracing specific species to finished products, pedigree analysis, selection and breeding programs, animal registration and protection of proprietary property.


Services We Offer :

» DNA extraction
» PCR assay design and validation for molecular markers
» Inventory with wide range of molecular markers
» In-slico analysis of molecular markers
» Reproducible Data
» Data analysis and comparison with reference samples

GENOTYPING ANALYSIS : We undertake the whole project for sequencing services

- PCR based Analysis - RAPD, SSR, ISSR
- Sequencing based analysis - SCAR marker Analysis
- Non PCR based Analysis - RFLP
- QTL Analysis

DNA Barcoding: Identification of species through COI region based molecular identity . We provide ~500 bp sequence data, Phylogenetic Tree and 10 nearest neighbour information . Species Identification | | Molecular Identification Sea Food

OUR SOLUTIONS : We undertake the whole project for genotyping services

- Microsatelite Analysis - DNA Barcoding
- Copy Number Variation Analysis
- DNA sample identification

- State-of-the-art lab with sophisticated equipment facility
- Competent, Qualified and Experienced analysts
- Fast turn-around time
- Results you can rely on

Microbial Samples, Soil Sample, Plant,, Algae, Fungai, Bird, Insects,Fish etc.

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All benefits earned form services are invested in Research & Philanthropy.