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Herbal Product Consultancy

Herbal - Product Consultancy :

You can get complete solutions for your herbal and natural formulations business from our team of experts because we have in-depth knowledge of herbal chemistry, analytical chemistry, natural product development, herbal formulation development, regulations, the certification process, an in-house lab research and testing facility, a large network of organic producers and buyers, integrated operations, and lab facilities.

Product Development & Improvement :

 -  New Concept Development
 -  Phyto Pharmaceuticals
 - Natural Herbal Formulations
 - Natural Fragrance Development
 - Functional Food or Food Supplements
 - Animal Health Products
 - Massage Oil Formulations

Product Analysis & Support:

 - Testing of Herbal Products
 - Impurity & Trace Analysis
 - Active Ingredient Verification
 - Non G.M.O Analysis
 - PesticideTesting
 - Herbal Certifications Support

Certification, Regulatory Compliance & Legal Support

Verifying that the items adhere to specific criteria is done through herbal certification. We offer facilitation, pre-assessment audits, internal audits, training, testing, and consulting.

 - Regulatory Compliance Support
IP Registrations: Patent Filing, Trademark Registration, Industrial Design Registration
AYUSH Registration
Import-Export Regulatory Compliance

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