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Intellectual Property Consultancy

Intellectual Property Consultancy :

New technologies often have great potential and promise much, but also need to be assessed adequately in order to ensure the productivity at the end of the study . Our experienced professionals have a deep understanding of the key challenges that pharmaceutical , biotech , Chemical , Polymer , food or life science companies ..

 - Patent Protection
 - Design Registartion
 - Copyright Registration
 - Trademark Registration
 -  Registration Under PVFRA

Patent / Technology Services : :

Exceptional ingredients, outstanding technology, and targeted consumer insight nurture the imagination and emotions of our fragrance creators . The collaborative work of our R&D teams strives to enrich the perfumers’ palettes via breakthrough technologies and advanced research. Their discoveries are then translated into unique, synthetic molecules and natural, raw materials

 -  Prior Art Search & Patentibility Opinion
 -  Patent Drafting
 - Technology Landscape Review
 - Technology Development Roadmap
 -  IP Filing Support - Patent,Trademark, Design & Copyright
-  Intellectual Property Awareness Workshop

Our Team :

Our Team of experts include Patent Attorneys, I.P. Attorneys, Advocates, Food Scientist, Microbiologist, Analytical Chemist, Biotechnologist, Finance Managers and Law Clerks.

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