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Mass Spectrometry Analysis

Mass Spectrometry analysis Services :

The pharmaceutical, herbal, cosmetics, perfumery, oil, and biotech industries rely on us as the leading service provider of GC-MS analytical services. We have the full tools necessary to analyse samples for volatile or semi-volatile substances in a range of matrices. Our key competency in GC and GC-MS is the creation and use of reliable quantitative methodologies for high-throughput sample analysis.

- Mass Spectrometry Analysis Service
- Bio analytical Method Validation
- Method Validation
- Trace Analysis

Services We Offer :

Unknown Metabolite Identification:
The identity of the molecule can be ascertained using a variety of algorithms that combine the molecular mass and elemental composition of the compounds with additional experimental data like retention duration, mass spectra, etc.

Analysis of Additives:
GC-MS is a great technique for analysis of trace level impurities such as residual monomers because of its excellent sensitivity and specificity : Food Additives | Polymer | Oil | Lubricants

Impurity and Purity Analysis:
Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) combines two powerful techniques to provide the identification of compounds with low detection limits and the potential for quantitative analysis.
Impurity Analysis in wide array of mixtures

Volatile Organic Compound Testing:
Allele Life Sciences offers a wide range of laboratory services such VOC analytics etc. . The VOC screening test is performed using GC-MS together with relevant standards.

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