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Metagenomics Services


Metagenomics Services

We provide metagenomics services for Biotech , Environmental , Medicine , Agriculture , Bio-Energy Microbial Forensic Research. Metagenomics is the study of genomic content in a complex mixture of microorganisms.The primary goals of Metagenomics are to characterize the organisms present in a sample and to identify what roles these organism may have within a specific environment..


Services We Offer :

- Bacterial identification using 16S rRNA gene
- Fungal identification using ITS1- ITS2/28S rRNA region
- Algal identification using 23S rRNA
- Difficult DNA Templates Sequencing
- Primer Walking Service
- Target Region Sequencing
- Nextgen Sequencing

Metagenomic Analysis:  We provide microbial identification services for research projects . We analyze a diverse variety of samples and sample matrices.
16S rDNA based molecular identity || RFLP based molecular protocol || Identification of bacteria in a consortium || Phylogenetic Tree

Agri Genomics Services: AgriGenomics is the study of genetic makeup of plants. Our AgriGenomics services include allele mining technologies, genotyping and immunodiagnostics.: Plant Population Genetics || Palnt Pathology || Crop Improvement Projects

Data Analysis :
This option authorises allele life sciences to review the chromatogram, manually edit sequencing results and deliver aligned format. Sequencing results will be aligned with reference sequence if submitted.


- Platforms - PCR & QPCR from Biorad, ABI and Eurofin | Sequencing by Illumina & ABI 3730 XL
- Competent, Qualified and Experienced analysts
- Fast turn-around time
- Results you can rely on

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