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Nanotechnology Assay

nanotechnology assay Services :

Nanotechnology offers multiple benefits in treating chronic human diseases through site-specific and target-oriented delivery of precise medicines.

Synthesis of Nano Particles: By initially creating the particles in a solution, dropping the wet particles onto a substrate, and then removing the solvent, surfactants, and other components from the particles, nanoparticles are created via chemical processes.

- Synthesis Using Microorganisms / Plant Extracts / Algae
- Sol-gel method
- Sonochemical synthesis
- Co-precipitation method
- Inert gas condensation method

Characterization of Nano Particles: We will support the characterization of nanoparticles for nanoscale analysis; the analysis of dimensions, shape, and surface of nanomaterials; the chemical composition of samples; or biological property analysis..

- Analyze structure physical characteristics and particle size by SEM
- Internal structure, physical characteristics, particle size and elemental composition by EDX technique.
- Fluorescence Stereomicroscope
- Fluorescence Spectrometer
- Analysis by UV-Vis-Spectrophotometer
- Analysis by HPLC/ Gas Chromatography
- Analyze the functional group by FT-IR
- Zeta Potential Analysis

Biological Activity Assay:

- In-vitro Cytotoxicity Assay
- Gene Expression Assay by RT-PCR
- ROS Assay
- Oxygen Radical Capacity Antioxidant ( ORAC) Assay
- Total Antioxidant Capacity (TAC ) Assay
- Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power ( FRAP ) Assay


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