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Nutraceutical Product Business

Nutraceutical Product Business Consultancy :

Nutraceuticals are products made from food sources that offer additional health advantages over and beyond the fundamental nutritional value present in food, as well as functional foods that have a medical or nutritional purpose, as well as dietary supplements. A large network of organic producers and buyers, integrated operations, an experienced workforce, and an in-depth understanding of the chemical and biological sciences will all work together to give you total solutions for your nutraceutical business.


Product Development & Improvement :

 - Nutraceutical Formulation Development
- Natural Nutraceutical Formulations
- Veterinary Nutraceuticals
- Innovative Product Development
- Project Report Preparation
- Market Research Report

Quality Analysis & Regulatory Compliance:

 - In-House Product Testing
 - Finished Product Testing
 - Identification and Potency Verification of raw material
 - Testing of Allergens and Mycotoxins
 - GMO Testing
 - Testing of Vitamins and Amino Acids

Certification, Regulatory Compliance & Legal Support

Organic Certification is the procedure for verifying that the products conform to certain standards.We provide consulting, training, testing, internal audits, pre assessment audits and facilitation .

 - Regulatory Compliance Support
IP Registrations: Patent Filing, Trademark Registration, Industrial Design Registration
FSSAI Registration
Import-Export Regulatory Compliance

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