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Peptide Modification

Peptide Modification Services:

To accommodate any research demand, we provide a broad spectrum of peptide alterations. These alterations may enhance immunogenicity for the generation and manufacture of antibodies, alter the structure to better understand the biological function, or enhance overall peptide stability. Additionally, numerous internal and terminus modifications

Under one roof, we have the most cutting-edge and advanced tools for the synthesis, purification, final polishing, and thorough characterization of the synthesized peptides. Each peptide that is delivered will come with an analysis certificate and HPLC and mass spectrometry data.


Services :

- N-terminal - Biotinylation, Acetylation, Methylation, Formylation, Succinylation,
- Dimethylation, Acylation (Fatty acids), etc.
- C-terminal - Amidation, NHS, etc.
- Internal - Acetyl, Methyl, etc.
- Non-standard residues


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