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Project / Dissertation


Project - Dissertation Research

Choosing a thesis or training lab and a mentor may be the toughest problem that you will ever face, but it is an important one, and you will want to get it right the first time. A good place to start your search for the ideal lab is to consider what the goals and purpose of doing a thesis or training . Project / Dissertation work is not only the essential part of a degree program but also a gateway for better career opportunities. Choosing a topic is not important, but what has been found in the research is the important .

» Adequate Research Facilities to work in all major areas of Biological Science and Chemistry
» Dedicated Research Advisory Board
» Focus on Industry Oriented Learning or Translational Research
» Rigorous experiments and full time working
» Publication of research in UGC approved Journal Only ( Advance Research Only )
» Monthly / weekly reporting to Industry and Institutional Guide is Mandatory

    Name  of Internship Information Brochure How to Enroll
1   Project - Dissertation Work in Biotechnology image  image
2.   Project - Dissertation Work in Food Science image image
3.   Project - Dissertation Work in Forensic Science image image
4.   Project - Dissertation Work in  Pharmaceutical  Science image image
5.  Project - Dissertation Work in  Chemistry image image


Project Research  
are conducted at Allele Life Sciences lab in Noida  throughout the year . The total duration of the training program is  4  hours  which may be covered as per your flexible schedule. The lab timing is 9.00 A.M to 5.00 PM.
We need your registration form on First Come First Serve Basis or availability of the seats & Pay the registration fee after the review of course detail and fee structure only. Registration fee is Non Refundable and non adjustable.
 Registration Form

WHO MAY ATTEND  - Any Indian citizen having desire to work in the area of biotechnology , life science , chemistry , food science , forensic science , pharmaceuticals etc.

CANCELLATION - Aspirants substitutions can be made at any time. No cancellation is possible after the confirmation of the scheduled workshop.

Kindly mail at : or WhatsApp :+91- 9891179928 | Direct Contact: 8377082003

Download the information brochure for Project / Dissertation Research Work