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Protein Purification Services

Protein Extraction & Purification Services :

For studies requiring studies on structural and functional aspects, protein purification is an essential step. Protein quality must not be compromised. Protocols for protein purification must be tuned for success. At the company's in-house lab facility, targeted purification protocols can be developed based on the needs and nature of the protein.


Services We Offer :

-  Affinity Chromatography ( IMAC, GST, Sepharose, Streptavidin, Protein A, Protein G )
-  Ion Exchange Chromatography ( Mono-Q, DEAE Sepharose, SP Sepharose, CM Sepharose )
-  Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Phenyl and (CH2)n Sepharose )
-  Size Exclusion Chromatography

Endotoxin Removal Service:

We handle the first stage of purification's endotoxin elimination. We reduce endotoxin levels by employing detergent-free chromatographic methods, starting with well-cleaned and tested equipment.

Ammonium Sulphate Precipitation
Antibodies precipitate at lower ammonium sulphate concentrations than the majority of proteins and other serum components due to their increased hydrophobicity. In order to enrich and concentrate antibodies from serum, ascitic fluid, or cell culture supernatant, ammonium sulphate precipitation is frequently used.

Size Exclusion Chromatography
Dialysis membranes, size exclusion resins, and diafiltration devices that feature average molecular weight cut-offs can be used to separate immunoglobulins from small proteins and peptides.

Ion Exchange Chromatography
Ion exchange chromatography uses positively or negatively charged resins to bind proteins based on their net surface charge in a buffer with a given pH, according to their isoelectric point (pI)

Recombinant Protein Purification
Recombinant proteins or tagged proteins can be purified by affinity chromatography using charged or immobilized resins.

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