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Protein Purification Services

Protein Purification Services :

Protein purification is a crucial step for projects involving research on structural and functional properties. The quality of the protein cannot be compromised. A successful protein purification relies on optimised purification protocols. Depending on the requirements and nature of the protein, targeted purification protocols can be developed at in house lab facility.

Services We Offer :

- Affinity Chromatography ( IMAC, GST, Sepharose, Streptavidin, Protein A, Protein G )
- Ion Exchange Chromatography ( Mono-Q, DEAE Sepharose, SP Sepharose, CM Sepharose )
- Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Phenyl and (CH2)n Sepharose )
- Size Exclusion Chromatography

Endotoxin Removal Service:

We manage endotoxin removal from the first purification step. Starting with exhaustively cleaned and validated equipment, we use detergent free chromatography methods to lower endotoxin levels.

We Deliver :   All custom purified proteins are supplied to the following:

- Specified protein concentration
- Special formulation to prevent protein from degradation
- Custom aliquoting as specified by customer
- Vigorous QA/QC to ensure the highest quality and reproducibility
- Certificate of analysis as specified by customer

Facility Available for Protein Purification :
• Akta Prime FPLC in temperature controlled environment
• Biorad Profinia For Affinity Purification
• Preparative HPLC
• Agilent HPLC

Contact :

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