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RNA - cDNA Synthesis

RNA Extraction & CDNA Synthesis

Extracting nucleic acids of high quality is essential for any downstream analysis. We have extensive experience of extraction of nucleic acids (RNA, miRNA, DNA) from a wide range of samples types deriving from a great variety of organisms. RNA can be detected, quantified and manipulated through copying via the use of reverse transcriptase , which are RNA-dependent DNA polymerases. reverse transcriptase synthesize a strand of DNA that is complementary to the original RNA template and is referred to as cDNA


Our experienced scientists are committed to deliver large and small scale sequencing projects.
Total RNA Extraction
Quantitative Analysis of RNA
mRNA Purification
cDNA Synthesis
• S
trict quality control
• DNA and RNA are Free of Proteins and other Contaminants

Services We Offer :

Custom Genomic DNA Isolation ServicesWe have state of art facility to extract and purify genomic dna from biological samples. we will isolate high quality genomic DNA that will be suitable for PCR, real time pcr, sequencing or expression profiling. For quality control purposes, isolated genomic DNA undergoes strict quality and quantity analysis.

Custom RNA Isolation Services : Starting from your biological samples.  we will isolate high quality RNA that will be suitable for RT-PCR and cDNA library constructions. For quality control purposes, isolated RNA is rum on agarose gel. We also provide A260 and A280 data.

Custom mRNA Isolation Services : we will isolate high quality mRNA that will be suitable for RT-PCR, cDNA library constructions. For quality control purposes, isolated mRNA is rum on agarose gel. We also provide A260 and A280 data.

High Quality cDNA Synthesis : Gene synthesis is the most efficient means of obtaining high-quality cDNA or library constructs. The method combines cDNA synthesis and amplification.

First strand cDNA : 0.1 micrograms of RNA. || Second strand cDNA

Data Analysis :

This option authorises Allele Life Sciences to review the chromatogram, manually edit sequencing results and deliver aligned format. Sequencing results will be aligned with reference sequence if submitted.


- State-of-the-art lab with sophisticated equipment facility
- Competent, Qualified and Experienced analysts
- Fast turn-around time
- Results you can rely on

Microbiology Lab, Protein Chemistry Lab with Biorad FPLC, Ion Exchange Chromatography, Preparative HPLC, 2-D Electrophoresis, Blotting Apparatus, GC-MS-MS, Triple Quadrupole, Gas Chromatograph ( FID, FPD and NPD Detectors ), Analysis by LC-MS-MS, Analysis by HPLC - PDA, FLD Detectors, TLC, HPTLC, UV-Visible spectrophotometer, ELISA, PCR & Real Time PCR, Sequencing, Ion Meters, RI Detector, Flash Point Apparatus, Culture Facility etc.

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