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Genomics Services

Access The Full Range Of Genomics Services ; Sequencing, PCR Analysis, Cloning, Mutagenesis, Genotyping And Metagenomics Services..

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Proteomics Analysis

We Provide Protein Extraction, Purification, Protein Analysis , Amino acid analysis And Protein Electrophoresis,  Services ..

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Biological Assay Services

Our biological services include; microbial analysis, invitro cell analysis,plant biotech, insect analysis, marine biotechnology and antioxidant assay ....

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Analytical Services

Our capability include of HPLC Analysis, Gas Cromatography Analysis,Mass Spectrometry, Natural products analysis and fragrance analysis..

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Lab space - Ph.D Scholar

our comprehensive package  Writing of Research Proposal, Experimental Design, Lab Space For Research, Thesis Writing  and data analysis ..

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Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services for food, beverages, natural products,cosmetics, nutraceuticals and fragrance services ...

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we understand your laboratory testing and scientific research needs and are here to help you ...