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Mutation Analysis Services

Mutation analysis Services :

Characterizing mutations is an important technique in the molecular biologogy techniques. Our Mutation Analysis service helps researchers for  mutation detection in coding exons, enabling researchers to quickly analyze and identify mutations that may affect the function of their gene of interest. Our SNP & Mutation Analysis Service will provide you with complete service from Genomic DNA extraction to Sequencing of selected region.Mutations are genetic alterations either in cells.  

Mutation Analysis by Sanger Sequencing
Mutation Analysis by Nextgen Sequencing
Mutation Detection by PCR

Mutation Analysis by Real Time PCR
DHPLC Mutation Analysis
Mutation Detection by PCR-ELISA
Mutation Primer Design and Data Analysis

Services We Offer :

Single nucleotide polymorphisms Analysis
Full Coding Exon
Coding Exons of interest, Introns

Homozygous insertions and deletions (indels)
Deconvolution and detection of heterozygous indels
Somatic mutations in direct sequencing


-- Platforms - PCR & QPCR from Biorad, ABI and Eurofin | Sequencing by Illumina & ABI 3730 XL
- Agilent & Thermo HPLC with PDA & FLD Detectors
- Microplate Readers
- Competent, Qualified and Experienced analysts
- Fast turn-around time
- Results you can rely on


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