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Methylation Analysis Services

Methylation analysis Services :

Methylation analysis is the study of chromosomal patterns of DNA or histone modification by methyl groups, which is a chemical post-replicative modification affecting CG dinucleotides, in which a methyl group (CH3) is added to these dinucleotides in a covalent manner . The cytosine (C) base in DNA and lysine residue in histone tails can be methylated.

- COMET Assay
- Methylation Analysis by PCR
- Me
thylation Analysis by Sequencing
Analysis by HPLC  by estimation of 5-mC or 5-hmC
- Me
thylation Analysis by ELISA ( measurement of 5-mC or 5-hmC )

COMET Assay:
DNA strand breakage assay also known as single cell gel electrophoresis assay is a sensitive and rapid test for quantifying and analysing DNA damage in individual cells.

DNA Metylation Analysis by Sequencing :
Metylation Specific PCR:
Methylation-specific PCR is one of the most commonly used methods for gene/sequence-specific detection of DNA methylation. The DNA undergoes bisulfite conversion of cytosine to uracil and then the methylated sequences are selectively amplified with primers specific for methylation and sequencing.

In Whole Genome Bisulfide Sequencing -
Bisulfite conversion PCR primer design PCR amplification optimization Library preparation QC of final libraries (DNA concentration, analysis of the profile) Sequencing on Illumina platform

Bisulfide Modification and Methylation HPLC Analysis :
We provides efficient and accurate methylation analysis services through High Performance Liquid Chromatography analysis. Bisulfite treatment allows to explore methylation levels of genomic DNA. Non-methylated cytosine are converted to uracil and then to thymine. Sequencing and mapping to adequate read depth allows to detect the level of 5mC (5-methylcytosine) on DNA molecules / PCR Products.

Methylation Analysis by ELISA

ELISA is a robust method that can be effectively applied to detect epigenetic modifications of DNA immobilized on plastics, using highly specific antibodies to target epigenetic markers, the genomic DNA is denatured, fixed, and the methylated cytosines are detected through sequential incubations steps with: a) a primary antibody raised against 5mC; b) a labeled secondary antibody; and then c) colorimetric/fluorometric detection reagents d) mesurement in microplate reader.


- Platforms - PCR & QPCR from Biorad, ABI and Eurofin | Sequencing by Illumina & ABI 3730 XL
- Agilent & Thermo HPLC with PDA & FLD Detectors
- Microplate Readers
- Competent, Qualified and Experienced analysts
- Fast turn-around time
- Results you can rely on

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