Established in the year 2006 , Allele Life Sciences Pvt Ltd is the pioneering Contract Research and Analysis Services Company founded by professionals with proven expertise in Molecular Biology, Analytical Chemistry and Life Science . Our services include contract research , product development , analytical testing , technical consultancy and human resource development .

Our scientific team comprises of experts in the areas of Life Sciences, Chemistry, Informatics and Intellectual Property . We are offering cutting edge solutions to the Pharmaceutical , Biotechnology , Chemicals , Fragrance , Flavor , Cosmetics , Food , Herbal Industry and Academia.

We are known for providing a customizable next generation Q-PCR, Microarray , Protein Purification , Liquid Chromatography , Analytical Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry Services.


News Update :

Registration open for for project work / Dissertation in Biotechnology / Life Sciences / Pharmacy Read more

Presence in National Media under corporate social responsibility program of our comapny Read more

Introduction of new manufacturing facility of lab equipments , service and repair for life science Read more

Database of more than 100 natural products with technical analysis and market research report is ready for market Read more


  • Molecular Biology Services

    We offer a full-spectrum of molecular biology services to help scientists in the life sciences .

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  • Analytical Services

    Our objective is to provide precise, accurate and reliable analytical testing services to our customers.

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  • Fragrances & Flavors

    Our GC & GC-MS core expertise is in developing and validating robust quantitative methods .

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  • Research For PhD Scholars

    Our laboratories offer comprehensive services to address the critical elements of research & development.

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  • Skill Development Program

    Life Science is a knowledge-based industry requiring manpower that has the right technical skills.

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