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Bio Analytical Services

Genotoxicity Assay

Genotoxic chemicals exert their adverse effect through interaction with genetic material (DNA) of cells...

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Eco-toxicity Analysis

Allele Life sciences offers ecological toxicity testing  in environment utilizing both vertebrate and invertebrate species.....

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Industrial Effluent Toxicity  Analysis

Toxicity evaluation is an important parameter in wastewater quality monitoring as it provides the complete response of test organisms.....

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Antioxidant Assay

Allele Life sciences offers various screening methods for antioxidant activity of compounds  DPPH, FRAP ABTS and ORAC assays..

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Enzyme Assay

Enzyme assays are important tools for measuring cellular activity and for monitoring enzyme protein in the biological system...

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Amino Acid Analysis

Amino acid analysis is an important tool for many scientific areas ranging from the characterisation of recombinant proteins...

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