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Forensic Science Research

Contract Laboratory Services :

We provide a one-stop solution for doctoral research in forensic science. You may opt for our comprehensive package of research services: writing of research proposals, experimental design, lab space for research, thesis writing, data analysis, and research paper writing services for your course and research work.

We Offer For the Subjects:

- Forensic DNA Analysis
- Forensic Biology
- Forensic Botany
- Forensic Entomology
- Forensic Toxicology
- Forensic Chemistry

Services We Offer :
Our professionals who provide better consultation with expert guidance and advice to achieve success all during the research, experiments and improve the thesis writing with our appreciative services..

-  Writing of Research Plan / Synopsis
-  Lab / Research Work
-  Research Data Analysis
-  Writing of Research Paper
-  Writing of Research Thesis

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COST OF ANALYSIS : Cost of analysis is very dependant upon reagents, chemicals and consumables used in analysis.Kindly share the tecnical details /Synopsis in request form for estimation of cost.


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